Things To Come

This morning I made some additions to the site.

One the menu bar, if you click on TRANCES you’ll find that in addition to being able to go to the top level which tells you a bit about the trances, there are now four titles listed.

There are not files available yet, but the descriptions of what is coming is there, both to whet your appetite and to reveal some specifics of what I’ll be making available on this site.

Comments are welcome.

Fictional Hypnosis

Full disclosure: part of what led me to become a hypnotist was my own efforts as an author. As of this date I’ve written two novels, one novella, one novellete, and six short stories all with a stage hypnotist as the protagonist. He’s named the Amazing Conroy, and while he started out as a one-shot creation he quickly turned into something of a brand for my science fiction (along with Reggie, his alien companion animal who resembles a tiny buffalo but with the ability to eat anything and fart oxygen).

A lot of my background in cognitive psychology underlies these stories, and I quickly realized that I was probably taking some literary license with hypnosis, which in turn led me to better education and ultimately to becoming a hypnotist in my own right.

Further evidence that reality is always stranger than fiction.

Coming Soon

The first thing that will be up on this site — once the site formally goes live — will be an mp3 file of a simple, admittedly one-sided, conversation.

I’ll speak to you about hypnosis, how it works, what it is and what it’s not. I’ll go over some of the basics with you, how all hypnosis is arguably really “self hypnosis,” how we are all of us constantly slipping in and out of hypnotic states of consciousness every day, how these states can be accessed deliberately and manipulated to help you more easily achieve things you want in your life, and so on.

And, in all likelihood, as you listen to that file, to me talking to you, you’ll slip into trance. It may not happen the first time you listen to it. Some people are more susceptible to hypnotic induction than others. Some people may be deliberately holding themselves back (whether consciously or unconsciously). And that’s all okay. The file will be designed for repeated listening, and if you don’t go into trance that first time, you’ll get closer and closer until you do. And when you finally slip into trance, repeated exposure to the file will only improve the effect, allow you to enter trance more easily, more thoroughly, more quickly. In time, the sounds and rhythms of my voice on that mp3 — which is different than my normal speaking voice — will become associated with going into trance, and facilitate your use of subsequent mp3 files that will be available to help you address specific goals in your path of being a writer.

It’s going to be an interesting and exciting journey, one mp3 file at a time, one trance at a time. I’m looking forward to it, and I hope you are too.