Before we even hope to do anything useful with hypnosis, it’s important to go through and explode some of the myths and misconceptions about trance. Contrary to the rumors about Anton Mesmer, Vampire lore, and far too many B-movies, hypnosis is not mind control (and no, I’m not just telling you that to set you at east so I can sneak up behind you and seize control of your mind, bwahahaha).

The audio file that I’ll be posting here is not a trance file, but it is essential for you to listen to it, at least once, in its entirety. I know, I know, I’m like many of you and I typically start playing with the new toy first and read the instructions only later, but in this case that would be a huge mistake. The point of a pre-talk in hypnosis is to get you ready for the trance that’s coming. It prepares you for what to expect. It lays the groundwork for your unconscious mind to do the work that you want have done.

Quite simply, if you’re not going to bother to listen to the Pre-Talk, you might as well stop right now, because you’ve decided to cheat yourself out of what I’m going to be offering you on the rest of this site. So with that in mind, please, take the time to listen to this file first. Unless of course you’re a vampire, because then you’ll just be really unhappy when everything you know about hypnosis turns out to be wrong.