I Am A Writer!

Every author I know has experienced the following dichotomy: on the one hand they have the power of a god, creating worlds, dictating the fates, desires, and actions of the people who populate those worlds, and in general being all powerful. On the other hand, they feel insecure, often doubting their own abilities despite past evidence, sometimes struggling under the fear that everything accomplished thus far was just a fluke.

While I suspect the threat of feeling like an imposter never completely goes away, at the beginning of a writer’s career it’s particularly strong. At that stage you simply haven’t ratcheted up the word count enough or had garnered sufficient acceptances and sales to be able to quiet the doubts in you own mind. These things will come, but in the meantime, it can be hard to motivate yourself to actually write when all the while some voice in the back of your mind is suggesting you’re nothing but a fraud.

That particular angst is completely unnecessary.

The only person who dictates your future is you, and if you choose to be a writer, that’s all there is to it. This section of the book will help you not only affirm you identity and accept that this is who you are, but more, that this is who you choose to be. It sounds simple, and I believe it is, but it’s going to lead to a fundamental shift in your thinking. When you remove that hesitation in your own mind that you’re a writer, you’ll see changes not only in your behavior, but in the people around you as well because they’ll respond to the difference you’ve created for yourself.