About H4W

Hello. I’m Lawrence M. Schoen.

I’ve been a psychology professor and taught thousands of students. I’ve performed and published research exploring the realms of language and memory. I’ve written stories and novels, and won awards for my fiction. And I’ve run my own small press and published the work of other authors who have gone on to win awards and receive lucrative book contracts. I’m married to a wonderful, talented, beautiful woman. I have a faithful dog. I live in a nice house and I have many many books. All in all, my life is pretty damn satisfying, and perhaps most importantly, I’m very aware of how blessed I am.

Which is part of why back in 2013 I started doing work as a hypnotherapist with the specific goal of being of assistance to other authors. Call it “paying it forward” or simply “giving back,” but because of my particular combination of circumstances, experience, talents, and skills, I’m in a unique position to help writers to help themselves.

What do I mean by this? It’s really quite simple. On the one hand, there are all sorts of things that you, the writer, can learn from books and workshops. I’m talking about matters of craft. A good teacher can explain and illustrate concepts like plot and characterization. A good book can show you where your grammar or sentence structure is weak, and what to do about it. But there are also things you can’t be taught, things that writers have to learn to do in their own heads if they’re ever going to manage to get out of their own way and begin to achieve their full potential.

Hypnosis can help.

Using the techniques of Ericksonian (often called Conversational) Hypnosis and the background of my own experiences as a psychologist, an author, an editor, and a publisher, I’m putting together a book, Hypnosis for Writers, that will guide you through a series of topics and allow you to free up and unleash the writer inside. I’ll help you to remove those feelings of self-doubt that are holding you back. I’ll share the simple secret that will allow you to write day after day, every day. I’ll enable you to discover how to focus the full power of your creativity like never before. And I’ll teach you how to allow your unconscious mind to do a good portion of the “heavy-lifting” of writing, while you sleep, so that you can wake up and simply write.

And the remarkable truth is that the ability to do these things has been in you all along. I’m just going to help you get in touch with it, allow you to stop tripping yourself up, and finally start being the writer that you just might have always been meant to be.

Are you ready for that?