While I feel very strongly about the work you’ll be able to accomplish with the finished book, there is no substitute for a live, one-on-one session. When we are face-to-face, when we can speak to one another, when I can observe your unconscious responses (your pupil dilation, your muscle tone, your posture) in real time, I have the necessary feedback to shape your trance to provide a much more personal and focused experience.

Individual Sessions can take place in my office, or via Skype (the latter isn’t quite as desirable because of lag times inherent in the technology, but I realize not everyone can come to me) for $150 per one hour session. Note: there’s some background “paperwork” that is required during the first session, which will probably require an additional half hour of time (at no additional cost).

Group sessions are by arrangement, and can be for up to six participants. This is typically made up of two one-hour session with a break between, covering first some general issues common to writers, and then addressing particular concerns of the group. Rates for group sessions start at $500, plus expenses (e.g., transportation).

Convention sessions are also possible, which involve me running a small hypnosis-based workshop at your convention for a number of pre-selected attendees who have registered for the session ahead of time. If you’re a convention runner and are interested in discussing how hypnosis can help writers in your area, please contact me to discuss the particular details of bringing me to your convention.