Writer’s Ring of Power

Welcome. This is the first hypnosis file I’ll be making available for writers. It’s going to give you a tool, a “magic ring” if you will, that we will be coming back to time and again as you progress through the series of trances. And as you do, you’ll discover mastery over more and more of the powers that reside in your ring (why Bilbo just settled for invisibility and didn’t go on to set himself up as the Dark Lord of the Shire has always bothered me, but that’s a question for another day).

Because this is the first trance, and because it sets up a fundamental tool for your work, I’m going to suggest you listen to it repeatedly. As you’re new to hypnosis, and to working with me, it’s advisable for you to listen to this trance repeatedly. It’s quite natural for you to doubt that you even went into trance during the first time through (maybe you didn’t, and maybe you did and yet still feel like you didn’t — trance can be funny that way). While we’d all like immediate results and instant gratification, you know that life doesn’t often work that way. So cut yourself some slack and listen to this file several times. Soon, I’m confident you’ll begin to see a change, and when you do you’ll realize you’ve acquired the Writer’s Ring of Power.