Writer’s Ring of Power

There are two the things I like to do when I’m speaking to a group of writers about hypnosis. First, is to acknowledge that all of us at times deal with self-doubt. You can call it “imposter syndrome” or “fear of failure” or even “fear of success” but every writer I know confronts it, sometimes every day. The second thing I like to do is give everyone in the a tool to combat this issue.

Or more simply, I give everyone a “magic ring” if you will. Not only does this ring allow you to banish those voices telling you you’re not a writer, it helps you to write every day (or as often as you choose to). And, over the course of time, I’ll show you how to add other powers to your ring, developing greater mastery over other author issues. The ring will become a phenomenal metaphor, a ring of power” that will help you unlock abilities that you’ve had all along.